FEX-Emu allows you to run x86 and x86-64 binaries on an AArch64 Linux host, similar to qemu-user and box86/box64.

It has native support for a rootfs overlay, so you don't need to chroot, as well as some thunklibs so it can forward things like GL to the host.

It presents a Linux 5.0 or newer interface to the guest, and supports both AArch64 and x86-64 as hosts.

This project is very much work in progress, so expect things to change.

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FEX 2406 Tagged!

A little late this month but we have a new FEX release has finally landed. This month we have some good optimization and fixes so let’s get right in to it.

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FEX 2405 Tagged!

One month older and we have a new release for FEX. This month is a little bit slower for user facing features but behind the scenes we had a large amount of refactoring to facilitate future improvements.

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FEX 2404 Tagged!

After last month having an absolute ton of improvements, this month of changes is going to look positively tiny in comparison. We have some good new options for tinkering with FEX’s behaviour and more performance improvements. Let’s get in to it!

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