FEX-Emu allows you to run x86 and x86-64 binaries on an AArch64 Linux host, similar to qemu-user and box86/box64.

It has native support for a rootfs overlay, so you don't need to chroot, as well as some thunklibs so it can forward things like GL to the host.

It presents a Linux 5.0 or newer interface to the guest, and supports both AArch64 and x86-64 as hosts.

This project is very much work in progress, so expect things to change.

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FEX 2309 Tagged!

Last month we hinted that we didn’t get all optimizations in that we wanted. There’s more of that this month but we have also had an entire month to push optimizations in. This month was a whirlwind of optimizations improving performance all over the place because of one feature that landed; Instruction Count continous integration! Let’s dive in to what this is.

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FEX 2308 Tagged!

Whoa jeez, another month already? We’ve had our heads down working hard this last month, trying to make FEX-Emu the greatest x86/x86-64 emulator on Linux. A huge focus this month is optimizations because of course what we want is to go fast. We’re all cats and we’ve got the zoomies.

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FEX 2307 Tagged!

This release we had a bit of a slower month as some larger pieces were being worked on, but we still have some good stuff that is worth talking about.

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