FEX-Emu allows you to run x86 and x86-64 binaries on an AArch64 Linux host, similar to qemu-user and box86/box64.

It has native support for a rootfs overlay, so you don't need to chroot, as well as some thunklibs so it can forward things like GL to the host.

It presents a Linux 5.0 or newer interface to the guest, and supports both AArch64 and x86-64 as hosts.

This project is very much work in progress, so expect things to change.

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FEX 2306 Tagged!

Another interesting month of changes for FEX-Emu! While this release is shorter than last, this also only has a month of work rather than two. We had some great work done this month, including a bunch of plumbing that most people won’t notice. Let’s see what changed!

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FEX 2305 Tagged!

Welcome back to another release of FEX-Emu! We had cancelled last month’s release due to a large amount of code churn happening. In order to ensure the highest quality of stability we were forced to do so. Now we’re back with an even lengthier release this month, so buckle up because there were a large number of changes that happened.

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FEX 2303 Tagged!

Oh jeez, another month already? I guess it’s time for another FEX-Emu release. Let’s pick a commit, spin the roulette wheel, and hope for the best! Surely that’s how releases work?

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